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muse monday


Creativity Inc, written by Ed Catmull.
The founder reveals Pixar’s origin story in an insightfully original and self-aware tale that emphasizes the importance of creativity above all else. It brings me immense comfort to know that there are successful corporations that validate and reward innovation irrelevant of ego, hierarchy or personal gain. A great read for anyone who needs a creative boost, is running a team/company or loves an inspiring hero’s journey.

This set brad off. “A lot of us in this room have not grown up, and I mean that in the best way,” he said. “The conundrum is how to become mature, how to take on responsibility and become reliable while at the same time preserving your childlike wonder. People have come up to me many times, as I’m sure have happened to many people in this room, “gee I wish I could be creative like you.” “That would be something, to be able to draw.” But I believe, that everyone begins with the ability to draw, kids, are instinctively there. But a lot of us unlearn it, or people tell them they can’t, or it’s impractical. So yes, kids have to grow up. But maybe there’s a way to suggest that they could be better off if they held onto some of their childish ideas.

This paragraph summarises everything I’m working towards, relating to me personally and aspirationally. Creativity, Inc has made it to my all-time favorite books list and will likely be turned to whenever I need a reminder of what I value most. Creativity.
Thanks little sis, for one of the best gifts ever x


American Ultra.┬áLong overdue, I know. It’s Chuck meets Pineapple Express, a stoner’s comedic American dream. The chemistry between Kristan and Jesse elope into a surprisingly endearing and emotionally weighted film. This balances out the laugh out loud moments of sheer ridiculousness making it a great first date kind of movie. Both actors replay their trope characters. Kristen her usual gritty, angsty-self and Jesse, a nervous, fast-talking wreck. Watching the duo again felt like re-connecting with old friends, seeing them on screen together somehow never gets old. If you liked Adventure Land, you’d love this.


So I might’ve bought tickets to see Drake… Considering I’ve listened to More Life and Views on repeat this year, the spontaneous purchase isn’t really a surprise. In my defense, It’s been four years since his last tour, and it’s about damn time. I almost saw him at Future, but in a drunken haze, my friend pulled me out of the crowd to see another headliner. Anyway, In the lead-up to November 7th I have been listening to some of his underground stuff or semi-released songs. These are two of my current favs.

Your Type

Little Bit


Time for a Spring Clean! Starting with my wardrobe. Days are getting warmer which means it’s time for a seasonal detox. Each autumn/winter piece gets evaluated and kept or donated based on The Curated Closet Guide. I’m also looking for simple ways to give my current spring capsule wardrobe a refresher by wearing them in new ways or adding a statement accessory. Feeling ready for spring styles!


Determined. My Birthday is around the corner, and life is nothing like I expected it would be, but that hasn’t stopped me from pursuing my dreams.



My first foam roller mat. After a workout I don’t always have time to stretch so having a roller mat at home means there’s no excuse for tight muscles. I never thought stretching out muscles would be this painful, but it’s worth it for stronger leaner limbs. Bonus, not only is it affordable, but it also has all kinds of health benefits!

Any suggestions on how to foam roll? I feel like a fish on land when I use it…


What are you currently loving? Feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Till next time x



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