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Mother! Yes, it’s as controversial as the reviews say.
The dream logic narrative seemed like a never-ending nightmare unfolding Oedipus Complex undertones, riddled with Rosemary’s Baby vibes. Featuring an ego-centric tortured creator (Javier Bardem) and a doll-like mother of life (Jennifer Lawrance), Mother reveals the consequences of blindly loving someone unconditionally.
Warning. It turns religion upside down and mocks Christianity for being downright ridiculous and self-indulgent.
Aronofsky couldn’t seem to decide what type of film this would be. This, culminated in messiness that cluttered the films many messages.
The reception… There was ludicrous laughter, gasps of horror, jumps of terror, tears and hesitant clapping at the end. Not easy to digest (literally. there was cannibalism) but if you like deciphering extended metaphors, this one’s for you.


Dua Lipa. Not only does she have an insane set of pipes but she’s got wisdom beyond her years and that cool girl, forever young aesthetic that makes her videos repeat offenders, in the best way. Pillowy lips, sass and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, good luck getting her out of your head. Muah!


Clothing swap donations! I stumbled upon a local clothes swap raising money for cancer research, and I couldn’t resist! For more details check out this post.



Spoiled. I had a great birthday full of feasts and treats.



My Camera! It quickly became apparent that although iPhone cameras are good, they have some serious limitations. I needed to be taking large, high-quality imagery, The kind that is essential for blogging. So when my boyfriend surprised me with this mysterious box, I was ecstatic to find out it was my very first DSLR Nikon! Time to get snap happy.


Anyone else seen mother? Want to analyse it? Would love to hear some interpretations. Feel free to comment below.
Also, Nikon Camera tips and resources would be awesome! xx


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