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Monday Muse – Ideas and Favourites – 9th October



I’ve recently enrolled in Shaw Academy’s Lesson Plan for an Online Marketing Diploma. Since graduating uni, I’ve been missing old-school lesson plans and study methods. I figured it was a good time to learn a new skill set and this one can be applied to almost any field today. Thanks to Groupon the class only costs $10. I’m curious to see if it’s worth the original price. The first lesson starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!


British Vogue Youtube
I find Brtish Vogue’s YT channel much more intellectual and engaging than it’s US counterpart. The¬†“Alexa Chung Uncovers Fashion Industry Secrets”¬†series is no exception. This mini-documentary goes deeper into the secretive world of fashion and breaks down archaic stigmas of frivolity. It undresses layers of dedication and creative ideas beneath the seams. My only critique is the episode about health and diversity in the fashion industry. The need for a variety of body types and races within the industry was discussed openly. However, this was hard to swallow coming from Alexa Chung who’s AG Denim line ran small and only catered for sizes up to 12. Despite the fashion industry’s slow moral evolvement, the increasing technological integration is opening doors to inspired new career paths and groundbreaking creations. Recommended for those who want to re-evaluate their fashion perspective. A must-see for anyone entering the industry.


ABC Classic 2 Radio. It’s timeless for a reason. Great for building a pleasant ambience without being too distracting. It also takes me back to school concert recitals and Disney’s Fantasia.


Recipe Cards. In an attempt to be more inspired for cooking, I’ve transformed cue cards into little recipe guides. Each time we craft a nutritious and delicious new recipe it gets added to a new card. Details include; ingredients, ETA, Method and tips. This means that the next time we’re stuck on what to make we’ll have our own ‘Pinterest’ board of ideas. So far a quinoa kale salad recipe is on high rotation.


Ready for the next chapter.


Halloween! Some say it’s too soon to start preparing. Being a trick or treat enthusiast my planning began weeks ago. This year I’m hosting an Assasin Themed Bar Crawl event in Melbourne. I’ve encouraged my friends to create their costume around a persona. A code-name, origin story and weapon of choice were suggestions to get ideas flowing. Latex and leather advised. Of course, Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood is the inspiration behind the evening. I’m currently on the hunt for affordable knee-high boots. If you know of any, a leg up would be awesome! Feel free to let me know in the comments below x



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