7 Ways To Discover Your Niche In A Concentrated Blogging World

If you virtually read any “How to blog” guide you’ll find blogging niche and style filed under the most critical factor in creating a successful blog.

“Find your niche,” is a tip that gets thrown around a lot in the blogging world. Genres are becoming frequently more flooded and the blogging corners of the internet seem to be overflowing with content. So much so, that the rise in ‘lifestyle bloggers’ has created a counterculture of people refusing to restrict themselves to a particular genre.

Blogging Niche

Writers, artists, and aesthetes face a similar quest. Having a refined or solidified voice can become iconic and is often associated with experience. The pressures of cultivating this “niche,” increases the temptation to solidify a particular style early on rather than let a voice evolve naturally.  

This post is created in collaboration with A Girl’s Journal. Here are few of our thoughts on choosing a blogging niche that’s genuine and authentic rather than forced and formulaic.  


1.Your Niche Is A Filter Overview

Creativity and posts on empowering women are the point of view that we use to unite the content at A Girl’s Journal. It’s a niche without being too specific about what exactly needs to be posted. Variety is good as long as it’s unified in some way. Essentially, it’s a filter or a frame of reference that provides consistency. To discover your broad niche, try to go beyond detailed subject matter and think of the bigger picture; in essence your personal point of view or passion.


    2. Don’t Be Afraid To Experiment

Rather than focusing on defining a style, I made room to play and experiment. Explore different tones, slang, swearing, formality, consider accents, formatting and the overall mood of the piece. Some pieces could be a breeze to write but lack a hook. Others, maybe downright ridiculous and outrageously fun but not necessarily shareable. It is only through this child-like freedom to indulge in the unknown where I discovered what resonated.


3. Understand The Who

There’s so much preoccupation with what the content should be, that we forget the who sometimes. And by that I mean who your readers are (or will be). The content often resonates best with people who have similar interest to you, start there. Ask yourself, what problem or interest do people with a similar point of view have that you can solve for them? Then, all you must do is create useful informative content!


4. Curate Inspiration

With an influx of content at our fingertips and media saturating our senses it can be difficult to separate what we love from the noise that is being fed to us. Now more than ever, it’s essential to refine and cultivate a feed that inspires and challenges you. Once you’ve curated inspiration points, it becomes easier to recognize common patterns. Consider “What draws you to that peace” Which aspects do you find relatable? What makes it unique?”

I’m drawn to content that reveals the truth in a refreshing and insightful way. I then transform this inspiration into content with a personalised twist.


5. Avoid Trends (As The Main Focus)

Choosing a blogging niche based purely on what’s trending can be limiting. For example, design a blog all about cupcakes when cupcakes shops are popping up on every street seems like a no-brainer. But after a while, other food trends might overtake cupcakes and you might find yourself a bit stuck. Consider instead how you can choose a broader, more ever-green niche that reflects (say healthy baking or decadent deserts) within which you can cover trends as they arise.


6. Start Small, Think Big

Finally, when developing your niche it’s useful to consider how it might evolve over time. Without a doubt there are benefits to starting with a narrow niche-it can help focus your overflowing brain and gather an initial readership. However, a blog that will go to the distance in terms of how your life, interest and those of your reader will come to evolve over time. They key is to at least have a small idea of how you might grow and branch out in the long term.


7. Develop Your Voice

The world of blogging is a wonderful place filled with DIY pallet tables, glitter and an endless supply of creativity. That being said, it can feel overcrowded at times, with so many imaginative bloggers out there trying to stand out among the masses can often feel like an exercise in futility. So, if you want to distinguish yourself as a blogger, develop a unique voice that your readers are drawn to; a voice that they identify themselves with. Of course, it’s easier said than done but with practice, you’ll come to eventually portray your unique voice through your content.


Overall, discovering your blogging niche is a balancing act between making it narrow enough so that people can identify with you and broad enough to challenge you creatively.


I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. From elaborate dollhouse plots to theatrical plays made up of twigs and sticks. No playground was off-limits and every adventure could spark an epic tale. My outlook hasn’t changed but thankfully my skillset keeps evolving, from twigs to tweets. In contrast, the idea of having a voice seems finite, offering clarity and comfort. However, in order to truly develop your writing, it’s important to test the waters. This amalgamated post was a challenging piece that inspired deeper written self-awareness. By remaining open to adaption we were able to inspire long-term intellectual and personal evolution.


How did you find your niche? Who would your dream collaborator be? Would love to know in the comments!


Created in collaboration with A Girl’s Journal. 



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