Muse Monday

Muse Monday


The local Swedish Bazaar! The first weekend of December marks a special trip down memory lane. Although my days of living in Finland are a long gone, subtle influences of the culture, have seeped into our home life for decades. Each year we take a nostalgic stroll to our neighborhood Swedish church where the annual Scandinavian bazaar begins. The event welcomes a buzzing community of Scandi’s living in Aus. Everyone is celebrating the snowy season the best way they can under the sweltering sun.
I’m talking, Danish pastries six feet long, salty licorice (the way it should be), handmade Yule Tomte dolls, infamous Swedish meatballs (sans Ikea) and charming carol renditions of Santa Lucia. My personal favorite, Nordic-inspired Christmas flavored tea to accompany Peperkor, thin gingerbread biscuits that melt in your mouth! The festivities are a sweet treat that brings back sensational childhood winters.



Still reading articles on Weinstein. This one was a great example of how emotional abuse can be equally detrimental. A particularly haunting tale recounted by Salma Hayek.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, here’s a good overview sampling a handful of Harvey Weinstein’s attacks.



To copyright free background music most commonly found on youtube vids. Most of these songs are sugary sweetness that induces insanity upon multiple listens. In saying that there are a few darker synth styles, which I don’t mind. So why am I playing neo-elevator songs? I was compiling a quick video for an interview that’s on the horizon. Fingers crossed!



A bad habit of stopping by T2 after every shift. I end up having several sample cups of their special Tea while browsing quirky cups. I love the ones the size of my head! Perfect for breakfast. This Melbourne Brand started off in Fitzroy. One of my best friends lived ’round the corner from their multicoloured boutique. Now the local tea shop is featured on almost every corner of Australia and New Zealand! My current fav flavour… Choc Malton Marvel with honey and soy milk. It’s like chocolate bubble tea, need I say more.






Premiere Pro and after effects tutorials. In an attempt to learn another skill before the New Year, I’m cramming in as much technical knowledge about editing as possible. Any suggestions on your favourite tutorials would be great!




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