Muse Monday

Muse Monday


Instagram Brunches! To break down the unattainable surface facade of Instagram, I recruited a bunch of Instagram Foodies from Melbourne. The city is well known for its culinary flair and along with delicious bites comes drool-worthy snaps. Inspired to learn how the Melbourne foodie network was gaining traction on social media, I took the opportunity, to get to know some of the faces behind the handle. We enjoyed a flatlay-feast at the highly revered Faraday’s Cage and had no shame documenting every mouthwatering dish. Sharing food that looks good and tastes better with fellow insta-foodies is my kind of Sunday.


With the Coachella line up finally released, I’ve been engaging with the headliners to prep for the big weekend! First up, Post Malone. He exploded onto the scene in 2016, after being relatively unknown, his cloud rap and trap beats are insanely addictive, but it’s his heartfelt lyrics that have inspired a mass following. Eager to see how his heavily post-produced album will translate live.


1. Made By Women For Women
A shift in fashion culture, from starved under-aged models wearing designer clothes to wealthy middle-aged women looking comfortably stylish while wearing clothes made by women for women.

2. Rethinking the stigma against “Made In China”

Apparently “made in China” can be sustainable and ethical…who knew!

3. PurgeĀ your home in the New Year.

Key tips on how to save space, organise items and clear out the old and feel inspired by your home. Perfect timing giving my pending house move!




Valley Of Love. An aging duo was reunited after news of their son’s suicide and must follow his post-mortem request to explore Death Valley. A barren desert landscape unforgivingly pulls apart their insecurities and deepest regrets, revealing an intensely intimate narrative. Aside from the straying storyline, Huppert and Depardieu created moments of cinematic gold. Their beautifully delivered dry lines, sparked unsettling truths, cementing their genuine portrayal of grief. I only wish the film delved deeper into the themes of mortality, spirituality, andĀ desire. Consistently explored these elements in a brutally refreshing sequence of events. The stunning cinematography captures discomfort in a way that seamlessly emphasises the token french black humour. There will be plenty of philosophical discussion following a viewing of this slow burn arthouse film.



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