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Trigger Bang -Lily Allen (Feat. Giggs).
The song is a trip down memory lane as Allen recalls the all-consuming world of party culture, celebrity, and addiction. Her signature honest-to Sheezus lyrics are laced with the bittersweet notes of maturity which she seamlessly rolls into nostalgic undertones of jazz.  Punchy lines like “I need to move on and grow some” match the persistent base that doubles as drug-induced bullets. The music video is cut to perfection, matching both the time-lapse of a drug-induced daze and the blunt beats. Make this the soundtrack to your Galentine’s Day.


Miu Miu S/18 – Vayapai County, Arizona
Rarely does style meet substance in a way that is so profoundly beautiful. Directed by Alasdair Mclellan, previously known for his stunning I Dare You – XX Music Video featuring Raf Simons artistic eye and Millie Bobby Brown (Pre-Stranger Things).
The short fashion film unfolds against a bleak desert background, revealing a disconnected space that seems stagnant, vacant and infinitely spacious, defying time and space. Bold shapes and harsh lighting shine a light on the objects that embody the poetic message of immensity, expression, and connection. Visually stunning and thought-provoking.

TRANSCRIPTION: We can only speak to the future. The distance between two or more individuals makes it unavoidable that crossing messages never reach the original target. Instead, and always the messages reach the senses of the successors that is the me and the you of now. Love. Chaos. The grand delusion. The future. Since organisms exist in a space-time reality perceiving only old information and broadcasting it to whom is not yet while directing it to whom is no more. On a cosmic scale, this means receiving info from an object that has ceased to exist for eons perhaps and vise-versa. Time. So we suffer and rejoice about the ghost of a fossil long disposed of, or vise-versa.


Wardrobe Crisis – Clare Press. Finally a novel that understands the power of luxury and style while unpacking the importance of sustainable fashion. Clare Press explores the history of fashion, and it’s influence on culture while revealing the harmful effects of fast-fashion on our eco-system. Press’s experience as Editor In Chief at Marie Clare provides an informative and humorously sincere amalgamation of hard facts and anecdotes that make the disturbing reality digestible. A must-read for fashion addicts.




Magical things happen when two incredible bloggers from different niches combine their skillset. That’s how this Chocolate Chia Mousse was born, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I love indulging in this pseudo-healthy Vegan Chocolate Chia Coconut delight as a mid-day snack or even breakfast! Perfect for the hot weather as it’s no bake and keeps well in the fridge. Even if you’re not into the Valentine’s Day culture, this one is made with love x


Melbourne’s NGV is never short of incredible exhibitions, and Triennial was no exception.
The larger than life displays from an assortment of artist explore human existence. There’s something for everyone in this eclectic mix of contemporary art. Allow for at least two hours, and if you get hungry, duck into the Cafe, a recently converted kaleidoscopic affair of Asian fusion food brought to you by Supernormal. A degustation and an artistic delight! Best of all it’s free, so if you’re in town check it out.


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