Hi, I’m Katherine, a refreshingly genuine, painfully self-aware and relentlessly determined, bright-eyed twenty something-year-old Arts / Film Graduate. When I’m not stuffing my face over brunch you’ll find me wandering through local haunts and creating a little bit of everyday magic.


I’m hopelessly addicted to adventure, magazines and cereal.
I’d like to think I have my feet firmly planted on the ground and my head in the sky.


Cereal Style is a fashion, travel and lifestyle brand dedicated to finding a balance between childlike wonder and successfully adulting.


Take a peek into this “slice of life” and you’ll discover a paradoxical world of natural magic made up of little insightful moments, personal growth, endless possibilities, dress ups and sisterhood. It’s a strangely familiar place full of free spirits escaping the ordinary.


For all the whimsical girls at heart,
Here’s to many magical musings ahead.



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